Martina looking for answers

…it is what makes me unique and distinguishes me.

Why do I mention this? People who know me often wonder how I can think so much about random things. And way would I even be interested why something is how it is or why people behave how they behave. Well, very simple. I have a gift. A brain/mind and intelligence to think. Allowing me to come up with visionary ideas and concepts. To be unique and carve a new path, my own path.

Furthermore, I love to understand the unexplained. I must say I am not always successful and have learned over time that many things are outside my realm of understanding. Nevertheless, I am grateful that I can make up my own mind about things, people and world events. I am not merely a pupped in the crowd. I have my own opinion and can create my own point of view and with this also my own self image and who I am.

Downside of it: Well, I have a lot of deep thinking lines in my fore head:)  But if they get unbearable there is always Botox:) No, joke aside. I am walking quite often a path seldom walked. A path that requires courage, that can be very lonely at times, and bares many pitfalls.

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