Martina Willis and her associates achieve remarkable business performance through transformational training, coaching and retreats.

As a highly accomplished business leader and a qualified coach and trainer, Martina Willis provides her insightful expertise to organisations and senior executives. Martina is more than a transformational agent and expert in ‘Mind Training’, she is a business woman, with a genuine track record of sales and management success.

Understanding the intricacies of businesses, corporates and large organisations has allowed Martina to put together a team of accomplished experts that not only optimise business success, but restore well-being, purpose and motivation to senior management. Martina and her associates know that Awareness is the Power, Authenticity is the Key.

Awareness is Power
The more we know about ourselves and how our believes, values and behavior patterns influence our environment and our decisions making process the more powerful we become in influencing others and achieve desired results.

Providing The Key: Authenticity
Our aim is to bring deeply rooted believe systems and or organizational norms from the murky waters of the emotional driven subconscious mind into the conscious aware mind.  Helping to clear the waters by defining success parameters and assist in aligning the underlying emotions, believes and values to materialize success and achievements into reality.

The Whole Human being
We are focused on creating pathways for humans to become “WHOLE” again.
We believe a human being can live in bliss if the “inner being” (purpose, motivation etc) is in balance with the “outer Doing”. We achieve this by bridging the gab between the eastern philosophies of “Being” and the western lifestyle of “Doing”. Creating a balanced whole between who we are in our core being and what we do at the outside to reflect this.