The workshops, retreats and trainings described below provide insight, practical tools and strategies which will enable you to achieve balance, fulfillment and success. Should you require something different or have the need for a one to one course or a tailored course for your organization just let us know and we will work out a plan with you to meet  your unique requirements.


Leadership Awareness Weekend: Reaching the Summit

The Leadership awareness weekend is for anybody who leads others. It is held in an exclusive and hidden retreat near Marbella, Southern Spain. The location offers a relaxed and secure environment for people to let their guard down and go on a journey of discovery of their emotional strengths and weaknesses; values and attitudes, personality traits and unresolved conflicts.
In addition, massages, well-being techniques and treatments are getting introduced helping to reduce stress and release anxiety.

Set yourself free: Shift Your Being, Shift your Life

For many, there will come a time in life where everything has become bleak. Getting up and going to work  feels like a heavy burden, concentration is down the drain, performance at work is barley existing,  the drive has gone and somehow life has become very dull and meaningless. Sleeping is difficult, even so one is tired, and fun…well what is that word. These are the warning sings when it is urgently time to change before a “real” burnout leaves one severely incapacitated for a long time with physical impairments.

Unlock your full customer relationship potential by creating trust

This 3 day course is aimed towards people who are engaging in any type of customer or sales relationship. Who want to discover and unlock the last missing ingredients “Trust” by being authentic,  that paths their way  to become  highly successful in any type of customer/sales relationship.  Participants will become aware who they really are,  by uncovering their values and believes  that drive their behavior patterns, and change or re-script them should they be in the way of having deep trust relationships with clients. 

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