Martina Willis Enterprises is an expert in restoring health to organisation – coaching and motivating team members; re-aligning departments, and resources with strategy; and addressing toxic practices.


Human centric – Strategy Alignment

Most organizations are stuck in a rut,  with no apparent way out. The margin squeeze is getting tighter and tighter. Operational costs are stripped down to the bare bone and employees are sucked dry, tired and unmotivated and  burn outs are on the rise.  Paradoxically at the same time employees are getting asked to be even more productive, with less budget and less resources while to be “innovative” and come up with new ideas.

Leadership Teams & Senior Management

Focusing specifically on the issues faced by business leaders and senior managers, Martina and her specialist colleagues create tailored programmes that harness the power of genuine self-awareness and guide individuals to find their true authentic selves. Programmes are flexible and can be designed for individuals or as groups – at all times total discretion and confidentiality is respected. The goals are always for professional success and personal fulfillment.

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