If you want small changes in your life, work on your attitude.
But if you want big and primary changes, work on your paradigm.
Stephen Covey

Our paradigms control how we perceive the world around us and have almost exclusive control over our habitual behavior.  Paradigms are comparable to programs/scripts that run our life unaware to us. They are unaware to us as they run in the subconscious mind (emotional mind). The subconscious mind has no intelligence as such to make a conscious decision to run a program/script or not. It just runs seemingly by itself in the form of habits a series of programs/scripts that get automatically executed if an outside stimulus triggers a program/script. We become aware of a program/script, stored as an emotion in the subconscious mind, normally in form of a feeling that rises to the conscious mind.

Fight/flight response as an example how a paradigm works

The most famous program/script is the fight/flight response. If an outside trigger occurs that we perceive as life threatening all kind of things run “wild” subconsciously. It triggers the body to get ready for either to run away or get ready for a fight. Different hormones get produced such as adrenaline and cortisol (also called the stress hormone) to prime the body for maximum energy release. We start to sweat, the heart rate goes up, our muscles tighten and our focus is directed onto the threatening event at hand. A little bit of stress hormones over a short period of time can be actually helpful to be fully focused. However, the higher the hormone levels rise the more we loose our ability to “think” clearly because the conscious mind (thinking) gets shut down to a minimum. It gets shut down because it has a very slow processing power. And in an emergence we literally have no time to think. We need to act automatically, hence the subconscious mind takes over executing its automatic programs. We literally lose control.
The fight/flight response is one of the oldest in human history and comes from our times when we lived in caves and had to survive in nature. At the time,  wild animals have been a major threat to us etc. Well, back then this all made sense. However today when we find ourselves in a perceived life threatening situation such as the boss or spouse having a go at us etc we cannot run away or hit the other person.  Today we “just” have to endure it.  We perceive this in our modern times as stress. Under stress we function very badly and our capacity for rational thinking is very low and our effectiveness overall is very low. So if you have an issue with stress it is time to have a look at it and find ways to become stress resistant by changing the paradigms that run your stress programs/scripts.

Change your Paradigms change your life

We have many paradigms that are “implanted” into us from early childhood on. Depending how and in which environment we grew up in, people have different paradigms. For example if you grew up being praised for your achievements you will have a perception about yourself  that you can achieve things. However, if you grew up in an environment that taught you that you never will make it, because all your ancestors were born poor and died poor, you never will make it. Because you think you are not good enough. However, this is not based on any reality. Only what you have learned about yourself to be true based on your environment. Anybody can achieve anything if they belief they can do it and change their paradigm from an I can’t program to an I can program.

If it is so simple why is not everybody doing it?

Well, it is not that easy. Most people are imprisoned in their paradigms. Even if they do not like certain things about their life, they are used to it and they are in their comfort zone. A comfort zone is a place where the outcome is predictable.  Even if the outcome is always the same negative outcome. Shifting a paradigm means to step into the unknown and unpredictable outcome. It creates in the most people so much fear that they do not even attempt to try it. Hence most people stay the same all their life long.
Some may get to a point where they need to change in order to survive. Something literally so life threatening happens that a shift is necessary for survival. Those shifts are very distressing. And then there is the very small percentage of humans that say to themselves: “I had now enough of this and I want to change. Become this or that. I know I need to change something in me. Because I know I do not know what it is that I need to change I will go to somebody who has done it already and knows what it takes to make this change.”

Are you ready for a paradigm shift?

Find somebody who has an education and expertise in shifting paradigms.  Who can help you to pinpoint the exact nature of your paradigm and then can help you to shift it. A trained person will be looking  at  the results that you received in life so far, explore with you your feelings and repetitive behavior patterns that run like a red line through your whole lived life and find the root cause of the paradigm. When the root cause is found the paradigm can then be shifted.

If you want to know more about paradigm shifts and how to shift them, just fill in the contact form and one of our consultants will contact you to explore possible ways to assist you.


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