for Stagnated Businesses

Long standing business are overwhelmed by technology advances, globalization and buzz words such as digital transformation, agility etc. Furthermore,  most organizations lack the ability to respond fast to economic changes, due to their disconnected, linear silo structure.

The old linear, hierarchical, top down approach fitted well for mass production, repetitive  output of  factories. Where scale was due to adding resources in a linear manner. However, in our new World, growth has become exponential due to the use of technology and globalization.

Trying to keep up with this new world in an old organizational structure creates massive obstacles and brings the business leaders as well as their co-workers to their limits.  With our CPM (Creativity and Personal Mastery) based consulting program we’re helping these companies to master a new development stage.

We assist them to shift with a human centred touch into this new world of Exponential Technologies, help them to create meaning and become a global player in this interconnected world. 

Our approach comprises a multi stage program, addressing the issues from an organizational structure as well as a human-centred co-worker perspective. Together with the client we develop a tailor-made agenda, whereby the base concept consists of the following steps:

Gain deep and quick understanding of the real issues and the internal set-up from a holistic perspective by using “Pulsing” for the company insight and KII/SOCR™ reports for the individual assessments.

Personal development courses/workshops bundled with 1-1 coaching for all participants.

Strategic workshop to review and define purpose/vision, organizational structure and processes matching the maturity level needed to master the new phase in the company’s lifecycle.

Success review of the program implementation including a final report with further recommendations.

If you want to know we can assist you in become Innovative and Disruptive just contact us below or call us.

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