for Innovative and Disruptive Businesses

It’s a common observation that – in particular – young businesses are suddenly overwhelmed by their success and often unexpected growth rates. After a while, their talent, organizational structure and the processes don’t match the requirements anymore.

The business leaders as well as their co-workers are at their limit, stressed and over-worked. With our CPM (Creativity and Perosnal Mastery) based consulting program we’re helping these companies to master a new development stage.

At the core of a successful business are motivated and enthusiastic people guided by passionate and empowering leaders.

Our approach comprises a multi stage program, addressing the issues from an organizational structure as well as a human-centred co-worker perspective. Together with the client we develop a tailor-made agenda, whereby the base concept consists of the following steps:

Gain deep and quick understanding of the real issues and the internal set-up from a holistic perspective by using “Pulsing” for the company insight and KII/SOCR™ reports for the individual assessments.

Personal development courses/workshops bundled with 1-1 coaching for all participants.

Strategic workshop to review and define purpose/vision, organizational structure and processes matching the maturity level needed to master the new phase in the company’s lifecycle.

Success review of the program implementation including a final report with further recommendations.

If you want to know we can assist you in become Innovative and Disruptive just contact us below or call us.

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