Karen Keller Reports

The Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®) is the tool that will guide and enhance the quality of leadership within and individual or organization. The KII® Assessment and SOCR® Report examine significant and intrinsic qualities, those of which companies look for when investing in their leadership. Both the KII® and SOCR® identify four basic point of information:
• How the person impacts others.
• The person’s ability to take action.
• How the person responds to pressure.
• And how the person manages conflict.

Personal Development

Our courses, workshops and coaching, powered by  RAO Institute and Karen-Keller Institute, are structured journeys of deep self- reflection and powerful exercises. The programs transforms the individual’s relationship to problems, stress and workplace satisfaction; building  the bridge to transforming company culture, operations and leadership capacity; leading to a trusting and high performance company culture, by increasing the individuals: 
• positive impact on others.
• ability to take action.
• resilience to responds under pressure.
• ability to manage conflict.

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