The Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®) is the tool that will guide and enhance the quality of leadership within and individual or organization. The KII® Assessment and SOCR® Report examine significant and intrinsic qualities, those of which companies look for when investing in their leadership. Both the KII® and SOCR® identify four basic point of information:
• How the person impacts others.
• The person’s ability to take action.
• How the person responds to pressure.
• And how the person manages conflict.

Knowledge of and behavior in these four areas are crucial to identifying and cultivating great leaders within an organization. Many are able to ‘lead’ when times are good, but real leadership happens when times are tough, decisions are challenging, and lives depend on your leadership

The KII®Report

The KII® is the world’s only scientifically validated assessment that accurately measures your capability to be influential. The Keller Influence Indicator® delivers a unique, customized report that gives you a total influence score and measurements of the Seven Influence Traits. Your 40+ page KII™ Report details scores, strengths, blindspots, application, and narratives on how to use your influence and what to do next.

200.00 CHF

SOCR® Report

The SOCR® Report offers a brief summary of the KII® Report and provides new information to the client correlating the Seven Influence Traits® with the 5 Organizational Competencies: 1. Leadership 4. Strategy & Solutions 2. Communication 5. Execution & Evaluation 3. Team Effectiveness

250.00 CHF

The KII®Report and Executive Summary Bundle

This is the full The KII®Report and an additional Executive summary to be handed out to a superior, mentor, coach or business partner.

280.00 CHF

The KII®Report and SOCR® Report Bundle

This contains the full The KII®Report and SOCR® Report in a bundle.

400.00 CHF

The KII®Report + SOCR® Report + Executive Summary Bundle

This contains the full The KII®Report, SOCR® Report and the Executive Summary to be shared with peers and superiors in a bundle.

480.00 CHF

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