Martina Willis – Chief Visionary Officer

delivering profound insight with a mindful and human centred touch to transform the organizational “DNA” for success

Martina Willis in her role as Chief Visionary Officer, is a servant-and transformational leader, specialised in corporate development and strategy. She focuses on assisting organizations “to make it” in the globally interconnected, highly complex and volatile business world. She combines EXO-Methods with her visionary skills, vast technology know-how and deep understanding of human workings, to fuse all the organizational pieces to create profound wellbeing and success for all stakeholders.

Horst Rzepka – Chief Financial Officer

delivering financial awareness through an eagle eye with a hands-on approach, fostering financially sustainable businesses.

Horst, our Financial Conscience and “Master of figures” brings 20+ years of experience in many Senior Finance roles to the table. These days our clients benefit from his hands-on approach; always happy to support businesses in their planning process enabling  for the next stage of growth . At the same time he will mercilessly scrutinize the business plans and financial statements presented to him.

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