Martina Willis – Chief Visionary Officer

delivering profound insight with a mindful and human centred touch to transform the organizational “DNA” for success

Martina Willis in her role as Chief Visionary Officer, is a servant-and transformational leader, specialised in corporate development and strategy. She focuses on assisting organizations “to make it” in the globally interconnected, highly complex and volatile business world. She combines EXO-Methods with her visionary skills, vast technology know-how and deep understanding of human workings, to fuse all the organizational pieces to create profound wellbeing and success for all stakeholders.

Davide Pagnotta – Personal Transformation

Senior Corporate Director, Life and Executive Coach and our Partner at the Rao Institute

Responsible for managing our people transformation operations at Martina Willis Enterprises as well as creating new content, services and programmes, and bringing topics from Neuroscience and Physics into the works.
Davide runs personal development courses and workshops that help individuals enhance their whole experience of life and become the best version of themselves; help businesses greatly improve their performances in a sustainable, resilient, creative way; and create a global community of enlightened people who will transform the world.”