René has over 25 years of industry experience mainly with US companies. He held Chief Executive Positions of multi – million Dollar technology companies and is very well acquainted with insights into what is needed to be a successful and competent leader of organizations. Besides on providing 1 to 1 coaching for senior staff, he focuses in creating highly functional “key teams” driving the organizations to success.

Educated as an Electronic Engineer, René has attended further education in his lifetime to gain the necessary tools and knowledge needed to lead an organization to success. Including: marketing, economics, divers management trainings as well as training in “individual psychology” based on Dr. Alfred Adler.

As an experienced leader, he is used to analyze and assess situations quickly, asking critical questions before taking well thought through decision. His pragmatic approach has led him to excellent results on the commercial side as well as on the customer satisfaction side.

The key of his success is found in authenticity: An open and honest communication leads always to a positive result for both parties. He lives by: If you have a good personal relationship, there’s no issue that can`t be resolved. Honesty and reliability are at the core of his doing/being. His open and convincing attitude makes it easy for him to get connected with all kinds of people no matter on what hierarchy level.
Profound knowledge of economic drivers combined with the technology knowledge enables him to be a profound dialogue partner in strategic and future related questions.


Married since 30 years with Ursula, a passionate mid wife. We have 3 grown up children who we were very proud of. Our hobbies are mountain biking and motor biking. I love cooking, and spoiling our guests with my dishes. Since I am 22 years old, I am serving as a fireman in different positions. Loving open fires I have a natural passion for BBQs.